Perhaps Oliver Stone should have better explained to Josh Brolin that he wouldn’t actually have to become George W. Bush to act as George W. Bush. Brolin recently detailed his objections and offense taken when being offered the upcoming biopic role:

Actor Josh Brolin felt “insulted” when he was asked to play George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s new movie – because he is nothing like the U.S. president. He insists he was not flattered to be offered the part.

He adds, “I had such a visceral reaction against it. I was a little insulted.”

Many actors have faced such ethical dilemmas when it came to accepting roles. Like Kevin Spacey as John Doe in “Se7en”:

At first I thought, “but I would never cut off Gwyneth Paltrow’s head and put it in a box.” Then I remembered it was acting.

Or maybe Hugh Jackman for his hesitancy to accept the role as Wolverine:

I read the script, but then told director Bryan Singer, “Hey man, I don’t have adamantium for bones and I’ve never had razor sharp blades come out of my hands. I can’t relate to this character at all.”

To be fair, I really enjoyed Brolin in “No Country for Old Men”, but seriously?

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