I am not a fan of Kirsten Dunst. At All. Her acting is flat and her attitude insufferable. So I find it as no surprise that she keeps the brat beat alive on the set of her latest film, “How To Lose Friends & Alienate People”. Apparently Dunst doesn’t take well to being told she doesn’t know what she’s doing:

Author Toby Young has said Kirsten Dunst had him banned from the set of the movie.

Commenting on his relationship with the cast, Young told The Spectator: “[Dunst] overheard me giving the producer a ‘note’ on her performance in a particular scene.

“At the time, I didn’t think of it as a criticism, more as a helpful bit of advice, and the producer took it in that spirit. But Kirsten overheard this exchange and interpreted it as a complaint about her acting ability.
“It was after this, apparently, that she took Bob [Weide, director] to one side and asked if I could be kept at arm’s length in future.”

Toby Young is the author of the book which the movie is based upon, so he probably has a decent idea of things like “this character feels this way in this scene” and “Kirsten Dunst shouldn’t be in my movie.” She sure showed him though! Despite the inclusion of Simon Pegg and Megan Fox, I will not be watching this one. You?

Source: WWTDD

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