Kristen Stewart spotted roller derby partying with fans in Los Angeles other day. Recently, former Twilight Saga main chick ,Kristen Stewart, was spotted back out and about again in Los Angeles,California this past Saturday night,March 2nd,and apparently, decided to hit up a roller derby for some fun with her friends. At one point, she took the time to pose for this photo (above) with a couple of her adoring fans.

K-Stew appeared to have a good time and held up the peace sign while rocking her cute,school girl look again with the eyeglasses. According to sources, the roller derby took place at the “Doll Factory” in Los Angeles,CA on March 2nd. Later on, a Twitter user that goes by the name handle, @sparkybitchface, tweeted, ”So I’m working at the doll factory, and we bumped into Kristen Stewart it was soo amazing! #kristenstewart #ladd #coolness #amazing #iwasnexttoher #saterdaynightmeetandgreets.”

It’s also reported that Kristen, hit up the spot with her friends: CJ Romero, Jack, Marcus Foster, Scout Compton,Tamra, Alannah, and Alicia. Meanwhile, there’s still no word on if she’ll get back with Robert Pattinson after he’s done filming his new “Rover” movie,but it should definitely to see how that all unfolds. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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