lady gaga in sexy maxim australia image

Lady Gaga spotted showin her super sexy bod for new Maxim Australia magazine spread. Wow! Lady Gaga recently posed it up for the new Maxim Australia July 2012 issue,and she is looking outrageously hot in the new spread. Man, her body’s tight. All that dancing,and running around on stage has kept her in tip,top condition.

The photos were shot by photographer Reninio Maifredi,and I must say, he did an excellent job. In fact, I think every straight guy on the plane,thinks he did a great job. Gaga also chatted with the publication,and revealed that she would like to make the whole world gay,lol! When asked if she preferred men or women, she stated, “It depends on the guy or the girl. But I’m not discussing my sex life with you. I will say that I’d be a happy girl if I could make the whole world gay.”

After that, she revealed that she used to be amazed by Britney Spears level of fame,stating, “I was 13 when Britney became a star. My friends and I used to go to MTV music request show ‘TRL’ once a week just to stand outside. But even then I wasn’t a superfan. I was amazed by the level of superfan that Britney created.

I liked to watch and be a part of the huh-huh-huh-huh! The hyperventilating. I want to bring back the feeling I used to feel.” Check out her hot Maxim video,below. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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