NBC Last Comic StandingI really enjoy NBC’s series “Last Comic Standing”. I get a big kick out of comedians and appreciate how hard it is to come up with that great material. What I hate is hearing about comics stealing from other comics.

Last year Joe Rogan called out Carlos Mencia for blatantly stealing material from other comics. It was obvious, Rogan was right, Mencia steals from his fellow comics, and you can watch it all on YouTube here (too NSFW to embed here).

Now this year I’m hearing that a comic showed up for tryouts on “Last Comic Standing” and was doing the same thing. This time around it was one of the show’s hosts, Ant, called the guy out in the clip below. Funniest part may be at the end when Ant complains that Joe Rogan also called him out for stealing, but of course he denies it. I dunno, Joe was pretty right on about Mencia.

Last Comic Standing on NBC airs Thursdays at 8:30pm

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