“Mad Men,” Season 4, Episode 10: “Hands and Knees”

Don Draper’s life almost ended in Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men.”

He came this close to being discovered as an impostor by the government. It turns out a possible $4 million account with the North American Aviation requires security clearance for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce employees. Don wasn’t aware of that.

Betty (January Jones) is the first one to tell Don (Jon Hamm) because the FBI spent 45 minutes grilling her on Don’s personality and past. Lucky for Don, Betty didn’t decide to get revenge at that exact moment. Maybe Don saved himself with Betty by promising Sally tickets to see The Beatles.

Don is instantly a nervous wreck. If the FBI finds out he’s stolen someone’s identity and abandoned his own, he’s in serious trouble. He goes to Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) and asks him to sabotage the NAA account. Pete, who is aware Don’s really Dick Whitman reluctantly agrees. He’s not happy with losing a $4 million account he’s worked hard to obtain, but he’s loyal.

Meanwhile, Roger (John Slattery) is meeting with the slimey Lee Garner Jr. from Lucky Strike. He informs Roger they’re taking their business elsewhere. A near-heart attack later, Roger gets Lee to agree to keep silent for 30 days until he can get SCDP’s affairs in order. Which is a good thing since they also just lost the $4 million NAA account.

Aside from SCDP hemorrhaging clients, the only other notable events were Lane’s (Jared Harris) interracial relationship and Joan’s (Christina Hendricks) pregnancy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Joan is pregnant by Roger. Remember the street sex they had last week? Yeah.  I think she terminated the pregnancy. But for some strange little reason I’m not entirely sure.

This season has been a Don Draper  yo-yo. One episode he’s on top, the next he’s at rock bottom. One episode he’s throwing up on himself, the next he’s quit drinking. This was one of those down episodes. Don truly thought his life was over and he had the anxiety attack to prove it. Hamm really shines in moments of Don despair.

It was also great to see more of Pete. He’s been almost as sparse as Betty this season. And how hilarious did Trudy look in her pregnant nightie? I guess more Pete means less Peggy? Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) was no where to be seen in this episode. I’ve gotten really used to seeing Pegs, too.

I was worried the entire episode that Don would forget to take Sally to see The Beatles. And she’d finally snap and kill Betty and everyone else in sight. But I guess he did take her. It just didn’t show it.

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