“Mad Men,” Season 4, Episode 8, “The Summer Man”

Don Draper decided to cool things down. He’s decided to drink less, he’s swimming and he’s journaling. He turned down sex! He even went to his own son’s birthday party. Don’t overdo it Don.

Last night’s episode consisted mostly of Don’s journaling through monologue. But we also got to see Betty  react to seeing Don on a date with Bethany. She pretends it’s hate she feels, but I have a feeling it’s jealousy.

Later, in separate cars, Betty throws her infantile tantrum while Don gets some oral stimulation. It’s the same story, really. Don is still having all the fun and Betty is just as miserable as ever.

It’s a good thing Bethany took care of Don in the cab because his new leaf will apparently leave him without the real company of a lady for at least a bit. We saw a different side of Don later when he dined Dr. Faye. She all but threw herself on him in the cab, but he graciously declined and insisted on just taking her home. It’s still 1965, so that smooth move worked like a charm on her. She probably thinks he’s actually worth marrying now.

Don and Betty seem to come to a civil truce at baby Gene’s birthday party. Nothing is said, exactly. But the fact that Don simply shows up and Betty doesn’t scream says a lot.

While Don’s life is cooling down, things elsewhere in the office are heating up. The office is full of meatheads at the moment and Peggy and Joan are getting the brunt of their shenanigans. Part-time art director Joey, seems to be the biggest meathead of them all. With a face like his, one almost has to be a jerk. His target has been Joan for a couple weeks now. This time he draws a “pornographic” picture of Joan and Lane. Joan is upset, but takes it like it’s still 1963. Peggy, however, does not. She fires Joey.

Cut to Joan and Peggy in the elevator. I thought Joan was going to be very thankful for what Peggy did. But it was the complete opposite. It seems Peggy can’t do anything right with anyone, really. Joan tells her that Peggy’s move will make herself look like just another secretary and make Peggy look like another “humorless bitch.”

One of these days Peggy will be running that company. That has to be the outcome. Otherwise, all the suffering she’s going through now will be so pointless.

It was a good and funny episode. Don’s secretary provided a lot of laughs. We got a shot of a TV that showed us the Vietnam ground war has begun. So we can expect to hear a lot more about that. And it was great to hear some Rolling Stones. I really hope they take advantage of the great music from 1965 and beyond.

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