“Mad Men,” Season 4, Episode 11: “Chinese Wall”

Last week we all learned that Lucky Strike was dumping Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

This week the folks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce find out. And no thanks to Roger (John Slattery), who was the only one who knew about it last week. Ken (Aaron Staton) finds out the bad news from a friend at another firm. Ken tells Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) who calls Don (Jon Hamm) and pretty soon the partners (minus Lane) are at the office in the middle of the night. Roger plays dumb. And everyone freaks out.

Everyone at SCDP is forced to focus on that tragic event. Even Pete, despite his wife being in labor, and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), who is reeling over her new love interest. These people better be making a ton of money because they all put up with way too much for their jobs.

It sounds like Lucky Strike won’t kill SCDP, but everyone is going to have to work even harder. Take Don, for example. He’s already working harder at being a complete a–hole. He’s barking at everyone even more, he’s almost forcing Dr. Faye to ignore her ethics, and he sleeps with yet another secretary. What women see in Don Draper I’ll never know. I understand what one might see in Jon Hamm, but not Don Draper. He’s a jerk. Completely. I don’t even see what Sally sees in him as a father.

Speaking of jerks, Roger is almost unbearable these days. He’s messing with Joan’s (Christina Hendricks) head. He’s cheating on Jane. He’s lying to everyone about Lucky Strike. He’s all washed up with his pathetic published memoir. They really should do something to make that character at least a little likable.

It was nice to see Peggy happy and in love. That’s been well overdo for that character. We get it that she’s a strong and independent woman, but everyone needs happiness at home, right?

Where was Betty (January Jones) and Sally? Why does show head Matthew Weiner seem to hate January Jones this season? I mean, I know she isn’t exactly the most charismatic actress on the planet, but her wooden, stilted ways really work for Betty. And I miss her. With only two episodes remaining, I can’t help but think she was really cheated out of this season.

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