Malese revealed new Vampire Diaries season 3 Jeremy,Anna cheating spoilers & more. The very cute Vampire Diaries Anna star Malese Jow recently chatted with TV Guide’s Robyn Ross on the telephone,and revealed new spoilerfo on Jeremy and Anna,which includes them possibly being able to somehow hookup,so Jeremy can cheat on Bonnie.

One things for sure,Jeremy is definitely into Anna,and it’s causing problems with his relationship with Bonnie. In the new clip (below), Malese hops on the phone to discuss some spoiler info on Jeremy and Anna’s relationship.

It also shows scenes of them touching each other,and Anna appears shocked. Malese said there are barriers being broken down,and it’s getting more possible for Jeremy to cheat on Bonnie with Anna. She continued to say that Anna just wants Jeremy to be happy,and they have a beautiful relationship. Check it out,below.

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