Terminator Salvation? McG is already over that. The man at the helm of T4 is ready to press on with his plans for Terminator 5 (T5) and that includes bringing back Robert Patrick who starred as Arnold’s nemesis, the shape shifting T1000, in T2.

The real bombshell was MCG’s revelation that he’s been speaking with Robert Patrick about appearing in a sequel to Terminator Salvation. “I talk to Robert Patrick with great regularity,” he said. “It’s interesting – I was [thinking of] a through line. I’ll bounce it off of you guys: I like the idea in a prospective next picture that you meet Robert Patrick the way he looks today, and he’s a scientist that’s working on improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure juvenile diabetes and all these things that once again sound like good ideas — and once again live as an idealized expression of ourselves.

So imagine seeing a sixty-year-old Robert Patrick and knowing, ‘Holy shit! That’s gonna be the T-1000 – who comes back perfect, lean and the whole thing.’ I haven’t concluded that, but Robert and I had dinner the other night and talked about it. I made two movies with Robert Patrick, so I like him very much. And now he’s very heavily into motorcycle riding. He’s a really serious guy.”

Okay, sure, that’d be cool but McG might be going a little overboard with his cameo plans as he already has Arnold and maybe even Hamilton back for Terminator Salvation. If he can work it into the story, okay, but I don’t want him to warp the Terminator world to get the square peg through the round hole.

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