I’m no fan of Michael Bay and his “movies.” When he’s not behind the camera he seems to spend a lot of his time at the keyboard. Mostly at his keyboard whining, like with this whiny complaint letter sent last month to Paramount for its perceived indifference to his upcoming “Transformers 2” which releases on Wednesday:

“Right now we are not an event. We are just a sequel, which is very different. There is no anticipation. Remember back to ‘Spider-Man 2’ — it was everywhere,” he wrote.

“I cannot figure if this is a cash issue with your company? Is there some clever idea why we are not spending? I’m not sure,” he said. “I’m sure though the movie will do fine, but not to your internal expectations because right now we are fooling ourselves by being cocky.”

The funny thing was I totally forget that “Transformers 2” was coming out this summer. I really thought it was next year. Talking to a friend yesterday he mentioned the same sentiment of “wow, that’s this summer?” And to be fair to “Spider-Man,” the sequel was massively hyped by its fan base as well because the first movie was awesome.

My indifference is mostly due to the complete letdown of the first “Transformers” and not due to the lack of marketing, which is everywhere. I’ve just managed to tune it out and maybe a lot of the one-time fans are ready to do the same with reviews like this one out of the UK where the movie opened last weekend:

The Guardian newspaper said the 150-minute movie was “like watching paint dry while getting hit over the head with a frying pan.”

2.5 hours?! Oh, I’m definitely not watching this even at home. What about you?

Source: THR

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