In late January there was talk that Mickey Rourke, who had just made his comeback with “The Wrestler,” would enter the WWE ring in what would be one heck of a publicity stunt. The talk actually came from Rourke himself which made it seem mighty official but just a few days later the rumor was shutdown.

Now we get the final word on the situation and as expected Mickey is being blocked by lawyers due to his casting in “Iron Man 2”:

“My agents said it would be detrimental to my career” to take the focus off of acting after making a comeback in “The Wrestler,” he told reporters, which included local TV stations and international wrestling media. Also, “I’m doing ‘Iron Man 2’ now, and the insurance company said under no circumstances could I get into the ring,” he added.

After training hard and getting hurt a lot, “I started really enjoying it,” Rourke said about wrestling. “I gained the respect for a sport I knew nothing about.”

Asked by one reporter if he would have loved to become a wrestler in retrospect, Rourke said: “Oh, God, yes.”

Considering how successful Rourke was with boxing (and how that helped in his career downturn) I think it’s a lucky break that he’ll be kept out of there. Maybe once “Iron Man 2” is done we’ll see if he goes for it.

Update: Well look at that. Despite his lawyers telling him no, Rourke climbed into the ring at WWE and threw some punches.

Source: THR

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