Left to Right: Jean-Pierre Marielle as Placard, Dany Boon as Bazil
© 2008 – Bruno CALVO/ EPITHETE FILMS – TAPIOCA FILMS, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

I am just going to come right out and say it – foreign films make me nervous. Not because I can’t follow subtitles, but because I am just always terrified that something will be lost in translation and I won’t get it, you know? But generally speaking, once I get over that fear and bite the bullet (there is a tie-in here, just keep reading) I am always pleased when I make the investment in sitting down and watching a foreign film. One of my all time favorites is Amelie, so when I heard Jean-Pierre Jeunet had a new movie coming out on May 28th, I was eager to watch the preview.

MICMACS tells the story of an incredibly unlucky man named Bazil (Dany Boon) who literally takes a bullet to the brain – and survives. Upon leaving the hospital he finds himself homeless and is adopted by a group of misfits who make their way in the world by turning garbage into different gadgets and gizmos. When Bazil recognizes the logo of the weapons manufacturer that created the bullet he was hit by, he enlists the help of his wacky new friends to aid him in his quest for revenge. The movie feels like a mix between The Neverending Story and a Tim Burton film, creating a sense of adventure and wonder while portraying an underlying message. MICMACS seems to be anything but typical but endearing all the while.

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