The Love GuruMike Myers showed up on the Today Show yesterday to talk about his upcoming movie, “The Love Guru”, and a lot of the motivation behind it. Kinda interesting to hear him say he started doing play the “Guru” character on stage back in 1995, the same night he first presented his most popular character, Austin Powers. Both came from his way of dealing with the death of his father in 1991.

On a lighter note, he also talks about getting Justin Timberlake into the film after working with him on the Shrek movies. I certainly wouldn’t have picked Timberlake, since he’s not an actual actor, but then again I didn’t write a sequel to “Austin Powers” that had Elizabeth Hurley turn into a robot that blew up and then replaced her with Heather Graham. Shows what I know.

‘The Love Guru’ hits theaters June 20, 2008.

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