Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Liam extremely pissed off over her leaked pantyless pics. As previously reported, the sneaky paparazzi got some very close-up snap shots of Miley’s crotch this past weekend. Now, Hollywood Life is reporting that her man Liam Hemsworth is heavily pissed off over it.

Their sources say, “He is legitimately baffled at the paparazzi and is disgusted they will go to those lengths to get a shot like that.” Miley had to calm him down,and tell him, “that as long as they don’t really mention the scandal, that it will go away. There is nothing they can do about it now.” The source went on to reveal that Miley is very embarrassed by the situation,and can’t believe they would go that far to get the shot.

So,if you ask me, Miley should’ve learned a very good lesson from this,and that is to always throw on a pair of panties,especially when you plan on wearing a dress that’s so damn tight,it looks like it was painted on. I swear to God,it looks like she could barely breathe,it was so damn tight. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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