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Miley Cyrus spotted pantyless in super tight dress other day. According to Egotatstic,mega star Miley Cyrus gave the paparazzi an eyeful of her apparent clean shaven crotch as she wasn’t wearing any panties,and now it’s just all over the internet for everyone to see. My goodness.

The report is that she went to do a little Pilates workout at Windsor Pilates in Los Angeles,California this past Friday,April 6th. Then she climbed into the car with her leg up to reveal that,oops,she didn’t have any underwear on. It turns out that Miley may have been in a hurry,or just didn’t give a crap. Whatever the case,she gave everyone quite a skin show underneath that super,tight,skirt.

In related news,Miley also hit up Twitter to throw an angry rant about how she hates the paparazzi,and is threatening to move back to Nashville,TN,so it sounds like Miley is experiencing quite a bit of drama these days. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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