MTV Jersey Shore season 6 looking to slowly get rid of The Situation and pregnant Snooki. According to TMZ,season 6 of MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore could spell the end for Snooki and Mike the Situation as their outside activities are just starting to impact the theme of the show way too damn much.

Snooki’s pregnant,so she can’t party anymore,and Mike reportedly got hooked on the alcohol and drugs a little too much,and is in rehab at the moment. Sources for 495 Productions told them,they’re now looking to add some new castmembers to come in and mingle with the current castmemebers,and hopefully phase Mike and Snooki right out of the picture.

The company wants to keep things fresh,and folding in new castmates will help transition the show into a new generation,while still keeping old fans onboard. They plan to limit Snooki and Mike’s roles in the new season 6,and give these new castmembers more screen time. Stay tuned. Season 6 starts filming this summer. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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