NCIS Season 11 bringing back Mike Franks for action,new spoiler. Recently, NCIS, Mike Franks,star, Muse Watson, hit up his official Twitter account to reveal that he will indeed be returning to reprise his Mike Franks character in the upcoming season 11. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any details to share about what Mike will be doing this season,but here’s his tweet: ” @Musewatson coming back for yet another episode of @NCIS_CBS can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Mike Franks!”

Mike Franks was introduced in episode flashbacks in the episode “Hiatus (Part 1)”.Franks has been known to be very devious and sneaky. He was also a mentor and partner to Gibbs. In related news, season 11 is going to pick up with the whole Ziva and Tony storyline. Tony will be searching for Ziva,and eventually tries to bring her back to the team,but unfortunately, Ziva will be leaving us.

The show has already thought up a Ziva replacement,named Bishop. Her storyline is scheduled to start filming in mid to late October. Stay tuned. Season 11 debuts on Tuesday night, September 24th. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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