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NCIS season 11 McGee’s new girlfriend Delilah actress unveiled along with new spoilers. According to a recent report from TV Line, the NCIS season 11 peeps have finally casts Tim McGee’s new girlfriend, Delilah, and she’s going to be played by Big Bang Theory actress, Margo Harshman (left). She’s going to be a recurring character, so we’ll be seeing her on the scene from time to time.

Show runner, Gary Glasberg, also threw in some spoiler teasery intel for Delilah’s character, stating, ” smart and eccentric computer specialist in the cyber division at the Department of Defense, Harshman not only has scenes with Sean Murray’s McGee in the season opener, but “there is some terrific triangle stuff that goes on with Abby. It’s a lot of fun, and we’ll see what comes of it.”

Along with Big Bang Theory, Margo Harshman’s acting credits ,included previous roles in NBC’s tragically short-lived Bent and guest appearances on House and Modern Family. NCIS season 11 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday night,September 24th on CBS. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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