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NCIS season 11 Tim’s girlfriend Delilah new spoiler teasers revealed by Producer. Recently, TV Line dished out some new NCIS spoiler dish in their latest spoiler chat session with the help of show runner,Gary Glasberg. And in this one, we learned more about Tim’s new girlfriend, named Delilah. She’s going to be played by actress ,Margo Harshman (left), of Big Bang Theory, and is also a computer geek, and more.

In their spoiler chat session report, they said: “If you are by chance among the McAbby fans who worry that Tim’s new computer geek girlfriend Delilah (played by Big Bang Theory brainiac Margo Harshman) will be some ersatz Abby, Gary Glasberg is here to set the record straight.

“I’d like to believe that maybe he’s drawn to people like that and is intrigued by women like that, but I wouldn’t say that Abby and Delilah are that similar,” the showrunner tells us. “They have their differences, that’s for sure!” Season 11 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday night, September 24th on CBS. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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