Please, Hollywood, stop destroying my childhood. You’ve taken almost everything I have and cranked it through the “remake machine” just to make a few bucks. Now even the distant land of Fantasia is in danger with a pending remake of The NeverEnding Story:

The Kennedy/Marshall Co. (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) and Leonard DiCaprio’s shingle Appian Way are in discussions with Warners about reviving the 25-year-old NeverEnding Story franchise with a modern spin. The studio recently acquired rights to the property, clearing the way for a potential remake.

The new pic — which original producer Dieter Geissler also will produce and Sarah Schechter and Jesse Ehrman will oversee for Warners — will examine the more nuanced details of the book that were glossed over in the first pic.

Great. A whole new generation of children in tears thanks to the Swamp of Sadness. Spoiler: the horse dies! The kid’s horse freakin’ dies!

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