1004trailer 1

New 100 season 4 first spoiler teaser trailer clip released. Recently, CW dropped the new, first teaser trailer/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming season 4 of their hit drama, “The 100.” And it looks very intense, mostly showing us action from the past season. Then it caps off with a brief clip from the actual, upcoming season 4. Check it out, below.

In the clip, the first 3:15 seconds is basically what they’re calling a sizzle reel, showing us what has already gone down on the show. Then after that, they showed us a very brief look at a clip from the new season 4.

And it looked pretty intense, showing some major destruction taking place. We also learned that Clarke and company will struggle to figure out how they’ll deal with an enemy they can’t defeat. It’ll be more of a question of can they survive? And if they even deserve to? Check it out, below.

Season 4 set to premiere sometime in 2017. Stay tuned.

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