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New Angry Birds movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Columbia Pictures released their new animated/comedy flick, “Angry Birds,” into theaters today, May 20th, 2016. The top movie critics delivered their opinions, and it turns out that they were all pretty mixed about it, giving it an overall 43 score out of a possible 100 across 43 reviews at

The film stars: Danny McBride, Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Maya Rudolph. We’ve added comments from a couple of the critics, below.

Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, gave it a 75 score. He said: “There’s no denying the movie’s high spirits or its irresistible invitation to shake your sillies out.”

Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 75 grade. She claims: “The 3-D animated film delivers a mildly diverting mix of winky meta-jokes and moral lessons, cannily aimed at both the next generation of tiny consumers and their more sophisticated parents.”

Katie Walsh over at the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 70 grade, saying: “Proves to be more than just a gimmick, and it doesn’t skimp on any of the quirky wackiness that you might expect from a film about blob-shaped, flightless birds battling pigs.”

Leslie Felperin from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 70 score. He said: “The animation punches well above its weight with properly Looney Tunes-standard sight gags, polished, highly expressive character design, and rendering so intensely computed nearly every barbule and rachis on each individual feather is visible.”

Guy Lodge from Variety, gave it a 70 score. He said: “A fast, fizzy and frenetically entertaining extension of the manic gaming franchise.”

Tom Russo from the Boston Globe, gave it a 50 score, saying: “What starts out as a lowbrow gag very typical of a pedestrian ’toon gradually balloons into absurdity that Mel Brooks would probably love. Here, at least, the Angry Birds fly.”

Susan Wloszczyna from, gave it a 38 score,saying: “The Angry Birds Movie isn’t a total turkey. The animation itself is OK and I did laugh out loud once.”

Lou Lumenick over at the New York Post, gave it a 38 grade, claiming: “Smartphone apps don’t particularly lend themselves well to political allegory or satire. But that’s precisely what the makers of this fitfully amusing animated adaptation of the once-popular game seem to be fruitlessly attempting.”

Glenn Kenny from The New York Times, gave it a 30 score. He said: “The kids of today deserve better. So do I, come to think of it.”

Alonso Duralde from TheWrap, gave it a 30 score. He stated: “The Angry Birds Movie basically hits all the squares on the Lazily Conceived Family Cartoon bingo card.”

Lastly, Stephen Whitty from the New York Daily News, gave it a really bad 20 score, saying: “The Angry Birds Movie is just fowl.” Stay tuned.

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