New Bachelor In Paradise 2016,episode 7 dramatic spoiler promo clip released. Last night, ABC served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Bachelor In Paradise 2016” episode 7, and it looks very interesting, extremely dramatic and shocking as Lace is spotted totally flipping the script on Grant, now thinking she should break up with him!

Izzy is spotted balling her eyes out over all the drama that has gone down with Vinny! We also see Ashley I continue to try to sabotage Jared and Caila’s relationship by pulling some mind games on Jared, and it prompts Caila to engage in a pretty intense confrontation with her over it, and more! Check it out, below.

In the new episode 7 official description: A bachelor is going to end his relationship with a fickle bachelorette and leave Paradise. A popular couple will end up returning to Paradise and will deliver a date card that stirs up drama for two couples.

The couple will bring with them a date card and the opportunity for one couple to follow their path to love from the previous season. One couple is going to get chosen, leaving the unlucky-in-love bachelorette hurt as she continues to watch her crush go off with another woman.

Episode 7 is due to hit the airwaves tonight, August 23rd at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.

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