New Bachelor In Paradise 2016,finale episode 11 spoilers revealed. Recently, our trusty sources, Reality Steve and ABC, served up very revealing spoilers for the upcoming “Bachelor In Paradise 2016” season finale episode 11, and it sounds very interesting and quite dramatic as 2 of the 5 remaining couples decide to break up. And we’ll see 3 of them get engaged, and more!

In the new episode 11, the final couples that will be featured are: Josh and Amanda, Grant and Lace, Evan and Carly, Nick and Jen and Wells and Ashley. Chris Harrison will tell them that they have to decide if they will be able to stick together or break up.

They will all go on another overnight date if they choose to take that option. After that, Wells will decide to break up with Ashley and then they’ll both leave, not even going on the overnight date.

Next, the rest of the couples will actually choose to go on the overnight date. There’s a point where we’ll see Grant and Lace get matching tattoos on their arms that read, “Grace” for Grant and Lace. Josh & Amanda, Grant & Lace, and Evan & Carly will get engaged.

Nick and Jen will end up breaking up. It was a decision that both of them agreed to, most likely due to them living on 2 separate coasts. Nick is in Los Angeles while Jen is Florida. Plus, as we’ve already learned, Nick is the new Bachelor for the 2017 edition!

The official synopsis for episode 11 from ABC, reads like this: ” Season 3 will end with engagements and heartbreaks. One panicked bachelor is going to voice his concerns to a devastated bachelorette. One vulnerable woman is going to worry that her reserved guy may not reciprocate her feelings. A Southern gentleman will introduce his mom to his surprised lady love but she will tell them to take it slow.”

The season finale episode 11 is scheduled to air tomorrow night, September 6th at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.

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