New Banshee season 5 never happening,Cinemax canceled it for good. Hey, “Banshee” fans. Unfortunately, we have to let you guys know that your favorite show will not be back for a brand new season 5. For those of you who haven’t heard already, tonight’s season 4 finale show was the series finale.

According to TV Line, Cinemax dropped the cancellation bomb on the show way back in July 2015, so they had already come to this conclusion before season 4 even began.

The president of HBO and Cinemax programming, Michael Lombardo, had some kind departing words for the show during the announcement, stating: “Banshee is a unique and compelling show that helped set high standards for original programming for Cinemax. The show’s exceptional blend of action and drama earned a vocal and passionate fan base that will not be disappointed in Banshee‘s final season.”

It also turns out that this cancellation was actually do to the show not wanting to continue past season 4 as executive producer, Jonathan Tropper, said they told all the story they wanted to tell while considering a 5th season.

He stated: “Banshee has been an incredible ride, and we continue to break new ground in season four. While we certainly considered returning for a fifth season, I always said that when the story was told, it would be time to move on, and that time has come.” Alright guys. So that’s it. RIP Banshee. Stay tuned.

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