New Batman 3 footage may get revealed at Cinemacon on April 24th. According to this new report from Indiewire,Warner Bros. Pictures is headed to CinemaCon later on this month,and their bringing all their Dark Knight Rises materials with them.

Back in 2008,they showed up at the very same event,which was called ShowWest at that time,and presented some new,Dark Knight footage,so it’s believed they could very well do the same thing this year.

Warner Bros is scheduled to show up at the event on April 24th to promote their big Summer 2012 blockbuster films. They were the first studio to announce their appearance for the event WB president Jeff Robinov, Distribution chief Dan Fellman,and International Distribution head Veronika Vandenberg will be on hand to intro everything at approximately 9:30am that day.

The hope, is that they will indeed show off the new footage. Then it will,somehow,make its way online,so we can post it. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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