New Bones season 12 first spoiler teasers dished by the producer. Recently, the TV LIne folks chatted up Bones Executive Producer, Jonathan Collier, and he dished out a few, new initial spoiler details for their upcoming final season 12.

It turns out that Zack and Brennan will have a continuing relationship. Major characters are returning, and more!

Their little spoiler chat kicked off with Jonathan revealing that we’re going to see more of Zack in season 12. However, he refused to reveal if Zack is actually the Puppeteer or not. In season 12, they’re going to try to leave no unfinished business on the table.

They also want to “keep it exciting, keep challenging the characters, keep the story moving forward and keep developing the stories.”

There’s going to be an ongoing relationship between Zack and Brennan. However, Jonathan wouldn’t reveal for how long. Zack will be wanting to talk with Brennan about what’s happening with her and what’s happening with him.

As far as Brennan and Booth’s relationship goes, they will have different views about this whole Zack situation. One that we will not expect, and they will touch on “Zack’s culpability and how much you can blame him, how one would judge him, and how one would forgive him.”

Lastly, Jonathan revealed that we should expect some big returning characters for the final season 12. He didn’t say who, exactly, but did hint that the first 2 and 3 seasons could provide some clues. Stay tuned.

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