New Breaking Dawn 20 min honeymoon clip shows Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart bts stuff. These,2, new “behind the scenes” footage clips (below),recently hit the net,and features more great,Robert and Kristen honeymoon footage from the upcoming Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD.

The new clip shows Rob and K-Stew,filming all the scenes in Brazil and where ever else they had to go to shoot the scenes. At one point,they showed them being all playful in the waterfalls. They also showed them on the “dancing in the street” set.

Kristen and Robert interview clips were also shown,along with commentary from director Bill Condon. The clip goes on to feature a ton of unseen footage that totals out to almost 20 minutes worth of stuff. It’s pretty interesting. Check it out,below. The DVD hits stores on February 10th. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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