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New Breaking Dawn magazine features Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart cover & more. Us Weekly recently came out with their new,special “Sexy Stars of Twilight” edition magazine for the upcoming Breaking Dawn flick,and it features main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just smiling like nobody’s business. It also features photos and movie clips below their picture.

Inside the magazine, is four giant fold-out posters of Twilight heartthrobs, interviews with the cast, 150 photos, more info on behind-the-scenes romances, and more. It already landed on newsstands,and showed up on Barnes & Noble online a few days ago.

I’m sure it will be another big seller for Us Weekly. That’s why they keep coming out with the damn things. It should have plenty of content to satisfy any Twi-Hard,sounds like. In related news, theaters around the country are going to show the old Twilight Saga movies every Tuesday night in November until Breaking Dawn arrives,and features special interviews and stuff like that.

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