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New Captain America 2 spoilers reveal new lead female search & someone isn’t returning. According to a new report from Collider, some new details have come out about the new,upcoming “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier” action/super hero flick. It turns out that the leading female from the 1st installment is going to be a no-show in the sequel.

Her name is Hayley Atwell, and she played character Peggy Carter in the first one. TimeOut, via CBM,revealed the news,stating, “She wont, she confirms, be back for the Captain America sequel.” To add to that, Collider also revealed that there’s a new search to find a new leading lady,and some big names have already been pitch around. Some of them,include: Felicity Jones, Anna Kendrick, Allison Brie, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

However, there’s been no confirmation on any of them yet. As previously reported,filming is set to kick off in March 2013,and a theatrical release date has been set for April 4th,2014. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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