New Castle season 6 premiere date finally revealed by ABC. Hey,Castle fans. Yep it’s true. We finally got a 2013 premiere date schedule from ABC. They were the last ones to serve theirs up,but I guess, better late than never. Ok,so here we go. It turns out that Castle season 6 is going to make its big debut on Monday night,September 23rd at 9pm central time. So, jot that down on your TV schedules.

That’s the big day that we’ll finally learn if Beckett accepted the big proposal from Castle. Additionally, there’s some big casting news as of late. We’re going to see a new hardcore detective chick ,show up on the scene for a 3-episode arc. Her name will be Rachel McCord,so be on the lookout for her.

Also, a ton of new Washington,D.C. detectives will be arriving on the scene for action as well. It’s speculated that they may have something to do with Kate possibly taking that job in D.C.,but don’t quote us on that. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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