New Castle season 9 shockingly not happening,ABC canceled it forever. Hey, “Castle” fans. OMG, we unfortunately have some very bad news for you guys. It turns out that ABC has abruptly decided to cancel Castle, making tonight’s season 8 finale, the series finale!

According to TV Line , the lady that plays Beckett, Stana Katic, decided to quit the show last month. Then ABC still offered up renewal contracts to the rest of the cast. But despite all of that, they just decided to go ahead and cancel it on May 12th, 2016! So, that’s it guys. No season 9! OMG!

They say, Stana decided to quit due to issues with the show’s budget. Also, ABC had fired another longtime co-star, Tamala Jones aka Lanie. Stana released a statement, saying: “Rather then distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that Iā€™m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show. Thank you to the fans.ā€

Then the show’s main star, Nathan Fillion, stated about Stana: ā€œI wish her well, and have no doubt she will succeed in everything she pursues. She will be missed.ā€ Even the show’s executive producer, Alexi Hawley, thought the show was getting renewed until ABC suddenly canceled it a few days ago. So, yeah. That’s really bad news on that front. Say goodbye to Castle everyone. It’s done. Too much drama going on there. Stay tuned.

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