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New Criminal Minds season 12 Derek replacement character revealed,new details. As previously reported, actor, Shemar Moore, decided to quite his Derek Morgan role on the CBS’s hit drama show, “Criminal Minds.” So, now, CBS has come up with a replacement in actor for him, Adam Rodriguez (left).

According to TV Line, Adam will play a special agent with the FBI Fugitive Task Force that will join Rossi, Hotch et al at the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Adam is no stranger to these intense CBS drama/crime roles as he formerly played Delko in CSI: Miami a few years back. In fact, the president of CBS Entertainment, Glenn Geller, had some very positive, welcoming back words for Adam during the announcement, stating: “We’re all big fans of Adam’s and are excited to welcome him back to the CBS family.”

“Criminal Minds” showrunner, Erica Messer, said of Adam’s role: “We have exciting storylines planned for his character and the entire BAU team as we head into our 12th season.” Adam’s acting resume also includes roles in: CW’s Jane the Virgin, FOX’s Empire and CBS’ Reckless, along with being one of the strippers in those Magic Mike movies. Stay tuned.

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