New Criminal Minds season 12 still in question,CBS currently undecided. Hey, “Criminal Minds” folks. Regrettably, we are unable to confirm with you, right now, if CBS is going to give your favorite show a new season 12. According to TV Guide and a couple of other sources, the show was missing from early renewals that CBS announced back in late March 2016.

It turns out that we could find out on May 10th, 2016 after some big licensing deal with ABC studios takes place. Also, this late renewal issue has happened a couple of times with this show in the past, but the renewal always came around shy of the Mid-May time frame. So, we’re hoping that’s what’ll happen this time.

Additionally, they’re holding off renewals of some of their newer shows; Limitless, Supergirl, Life in Pieces and Code Black. Anyways, guys, just cross your fingers for now until we find out if they’re getting invited back for another great season. Stay tuned.

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