New Criminal Minds season 8,episode 21 small spoiler teasers & title revealed. Recently Spoiler TV,dropped another spoiler tease for the upcoming “Criminal Minds” episode 21 of season 8. The title of is “Nanny Dearest,” and it sounds pretty intense as the crew will be dealing with an unknown subject that has Nanny issues,since his sister died while in the care of one.

Their spoiler teaser went like this: “The Unsub is called “Covey” who targets nannies after his little sister died in the care of one. We will also meet Tara, a victim of Covey’s who managed to escape and is now helping the team.” Also, as previously reported, Criminal Minds is currently on a brief hiatus for a couple of weeks,and will return to the airwaves with episode 17 on March 20th. And it’s titled, “The Gathering.”

It will involve a teacher that likes to use his student’s fantasy murder plots as an outline for real murders that he commits. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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