New Devious Maids possible season 5 initial spoiler teasers revealed by producer. Recently, TV Line got to chat up Devious Maid executive producer, Sabrina Wind, to talk about all the madness that went down in the season 4 finale, and they also got her to spill a few spoiler beans for a possible season 5 if they get renewed by Lifetime.

It turns out that we’ll more than likely see Dani’s father show up on the scene, along with getting a totally new storyline due to Marisol’s kidnapping, and more!

First off, Sabrina revealed that they definitely want to show more of the Zoila, Kyle and his mother circle if they get renewed for a new season 5. Sabrina wants to bring Dani’s father into play, describing him as an “incredibly hot, wonderful man who’s going to come back into Carmen’s life and challenge where she is and what she’s about.”

Rosie will regret not telling Spence about Tucker. Lastly, Sabrina revealed that Marisol’s kidnapping is going to launch them into a new season and a completely new story.

Alright, guys. That’s it for now, but definitely still keep your fingers crossed for a new season 5 renewal.

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