New Dexter season 8 spoilers served up by producer and TV Line. Recently, TV Line got their turn to hound Dexter producer ,Scott Buck, for some season 8 spoiler teaser info,and they got more than a handful as Scott just let it all fly after getting asked all the important questions. It looks like Hannah will be back, we also learn who might be investigating the LaGuerta murder case,and more.

Scott kicked off the spoiler session by suggesting Deb’s kill was different than Dexter’s because it was done out of love. Awww. He stated, “What’s so different about this kill, as opposed to anything that Dexter does, is that it was done of out love; it was done to protect someone she cared about.”

He also revealed that this new kill will bond them even more,explaining, “It certainly bonds them, but some of the things that can bond people together are not positive. It’s less a bond out of love than a bond out of tragedy. And that will affect their relationship in the coming year.”

Then Scott went on to reveal that season 8 is going to reveal more unknown things about Dexter,stating, “We will expand what we already know, and see that there’s actually a lot more to it than we had imagined. I can’t get into it too much without giving things away. But there’s part of the story that we haven’t told yet.”

Also, we learn that it’s not yet written in stone that season 8 will be the final season. We could see more. Scott explained, “That’s a question that I don’t get to decide, unfortunately; it’s a Showtime question. We’re approaching this last year as though it’s the finale, and if something changes then we can alter our course.”

He revealed that David Zayas aka Batista will surely be back,and will be heavily impacted by LaGuerta’s death,stating, “We have no intention of losing David Zayas or Batista. He’ll be back with us. LaGuerta’s death will have a huge impact on Angel. This is not just a coworker and a friend, but someone he was once married to and has very deep feelings for. How he puts this in perspective and deals with it is going to be a large part of his character’s journey next season.”

Scott revealed that we may see actor Geoff Pierson aka Matthews return to investigate the LaGuerta murder case. Also, the department will,unsurprisingly, be heavily impacted by LaGuerta’s murder. Scott explained, “It’s going to have a huge impact. This is a character who’s been with us since the very beginning and has always been a very strong, central character to the show and to Miami Metro. So, you’re definitely going to feel a vacancy there.”

Scott confirmed that they are most-likely bringing actress Yvonne Strahovski aka Hannah back to stir up the mix. It was also revealed that Dexter might not be ready to forget about Hannah just yet. Scott said, “I don’t know that Dexter can easily move past Hannah. Even though he’s had other relationships in his life, this was the only truly honest relationship he had; the only instance in which he felt he was in love with someone. Who knows, years later he might be able to move past it, but I don’t think in this upcoming season he’s prepared to.”

Last,but definitely not least, Scott closed out the session by revealing, it will be more of a beginning of the end for Dexter,stating, “It’s probably closer to the beginning of the end, but it all depends on which character you’re talking about. It will affect them both in different ways, but it’s certainly going to take them to a new place in both of their lives.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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