New Empire season 3 initial spoiler teasers dished out by the producer. Recently, the folks over at TV Line, chatted up FOX Empire’s executive producer, ILene Chaiken, and she dished out some new season 3 teasery spoilerage for us.

It turns out that season 3 will set up a battle of dark vs. light so to speak. We’re going to find out “Who are the Lyons and how will they continue to define themselves going forward? Can they ever change? Is Lucious the dark lord, pulling them all in the other direction?

And really, where does Tariq fit in with all of this? I would venture that if Tariq really is Lucious’ half-brother, there probably isn’t a good one and a bad one.”

Also, the Lyon family is going to stick together as well as the Empire company. Lucious and Cookie will still be active in each other’s lives. However, Cookie is going to be done with Lucious on a potential romantic level after his phony marriage to crazy ass Anika.

Unfortunately, ILene, didn’t mention anything about that wild season 2 finale scene where somebody’s about to go flying off that roof when Anika and Rhonda start fighting like cats and dogs. Hopefully, we’ll here something about that in the next couple of weeks. Also, we’re expecting FOX to drop the season 3 premiere date here pretty soon, so be sure to check back for that, and stay tuned.

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