New General Hospital 2016,October 14th episode official spoilers,synopsis released by ABC. Recently, ABC revealed the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “General Hospital” October 14th, 2016 episode, and it sounds like we’re going to see some very high drama, really intriguing and hardcore intense stuff take place as Carly finally decides to take a stand!

A very irresistible offer gets thrown in Curtis’ direction. We’re also going to see Nina be the recipient of some very sad news, and more!

In the new October 14th episode press release: Nina will end up receiving heartbreaking news. Curtis is going to get an offer he can’t refuse, and Carly is going to put her foot down.

The new October 14th episode is scheduled to air tomorrow afternoon,October 14th at 1pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.

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