New Good Wife season 8 never happening,CBS canceled it for good. Hey, “The Good Wife” fans. It is with great displeasure that I have to tell you your favorite show is not getting a new season 8, and is officially gone for good. CBS canceled the damn thing way back in February 2016 in a Super Bowl commercial according to TV Line.

Apparently, the show was one of the highest rated shows on the network, but the creators, Robert and Michelle King, wanted to end the show after 7 seasons and decided to quit as showrunners. However, there was talk that CBS might still try and keep the show going with other producers. But at last, CBS did give up the ghost on this one so to speak, and decided to end it.

At one point, the show’s main star, Julianna Margulies, made a statement about it, saying: “The Kings think I’m here for them, but I’m unemployed come April, and I think you casting directors haven’t seen me in a while, at least not in person, so I thought I should show up.”

CBS president, Glenn Geller, also had a statement for the show’s departure, saying:”It’s never easy to say goodbye to one of the crown jewels of your network and studio, much less to a show that is among the best on television,but it also feels very right to end with the seven-year story its creators envisioned, and to celebrate the show’s final run while at the top of its creative game.” Awww, RIP “The Good Wife.” Stay tuned.

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