New Gossip Girl season 6,finale episode 10 spoilers & clips revealed. Last night, CW revealed the new spoilers and sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Gossip Girl” series finale episode 10 of season 5,and it looks highly shocking and wild as Bart is found dead,Chuck and Blair try to get married,and more. The episode is called, “New York, I Love You XOXO.”

In the new episode 10, the stars and executive producers will bid farewell to the Upper East Side in a look back at the show’s many unforgettable moments. Then, in a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders are going to join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl will finally be revealed.

Bart Bass is indeed ,found dead on the street after falling from the building,and Chuck will be wanted for questioning. Chuck is seen,hiding out with Blair. At one point, Chuck proposes to Blair. Chuck is also spotted,getting arrested just as he’s about to marry Blair. It all looks really crazy and wild. The series finale episode 10 airs Monday,December 10th at 7pm central time on the CW. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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