New Gotham season 3,episode 2 official spoilers,synopsis released by FOX. Recently, FOX revealed the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Gotham” episode 2 of season 3, and it sound like things will get really interesting and pretty dramatic as little Ivy Pepper shows back up on scene as a grown, sexy woman!

We’ll see Penguin get really popular after talking bad about the GCPD. Gordon ends teaming with new reporter lady, Valerie Vale, in an effort to track down Fish Mooney, and more. The episode is called, “Mad City: Burn The Witch.”

In the new episode 2 press release: THE WITCH HUNT IS ON. Press release number 2: Fish Mooney (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith) is going to take matters into her own hands to locate Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong), forcing Gordon to reluctantly team up with journalist ,Valerie Vale (guest star Jamie Chung), to find her.

Penguin will end up rising in popularity after criticizing the work of the GCPD and Bruce’s investigation of the Court of Owls is compromised. In the meantime, Ivy Pepper (Maggie Geha) will get reintroduced into Gotham city.

Guest stars include: Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, BD Wong as Hugo Strange, Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale, Nicholas Calhoun as Nick and Leslie Hendrix as Kathryn. Episode 2 is scheduled to air on Monday night, September 26th at 7pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.

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