New Grimm season 6 initial spoiler teasers revealed by producers and a castmember. Recently, TV Line sucked a few, new, initial season 6 spoiler teasers out of “Grimm” co-creators/EPs. David Greenwalt and James Kouf and star David Giuntoli aka Nick.

It turns out that Adalind’s ring from Bonaparte will still be in play. The show will be picking up where the season 5 finale left off, because there is apparently too much to address to just do a timeline jump of any sort. Eve starts to get her Juliette feelings back.

In the spoiler chat session, they kicked things off by talking about Adalind’s current situation. It turns out that Adalind will still be wearing that ring Bonaparte made her wear, going into season 6. We’re going to see the season 6 premiere pick up right where season 5 left off, or at least that’s the plan at the moment.

We may see more of Juliette’s side return to Eve in the new season. Apparently, part of was awakened with the use of the stick. “The stick opened up part of her. There are unintended consequences to the use of that stick. So, just like everything else. Eve will now have a side of her personality that has all these feelings, which is going to include a lot of guilt. It’ll be complex.”

Alright, guys that’s it for the brief, initial season 6 spoiler teasers in this session, but stay tuned as I’m sure more will coming down the pipeline.

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