New Heroes Reborn season 2 not happening,NBC canceled it. Hey, “Heroes: Reborn” fans. Unfortunately, we have to tell you guys that your favorite show will not be returning for a new season 2 according to a new report from the folks over at TV Line. The news was confirmed sometime earlier this month. However, it appears that it was always the plan to just have this be a one and done type of project.

Robert Greenblatt ,who is the NBC entertainment chairman, made a statement, saying: “As far as I know there are no more incarnations of Heroes coming. it was always the plan to do just one season unless series creator, Tim Kring, woke up one day and said, ‘Oh, I have another chapter to tell.’ I think we’re coming to the end… of the world, maybe.”

So, that’s it, guys. Be sure to savor every moment of tonight’s series finale episode, and stay tuned.

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