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New Horrible Bosses 2 movie got mixed reviews from top critics. New Line Cinema released their new comedy flick, “Horrible Bosses 2,” into theaters today, and the all the top movie critics have submitted their reviews. It turns out that it got mixed or average reviews with just an overall 41 score out of a possible 100 across 34 reviews at Metacritic.com.

The movie stars: Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day. We’ve added blurbs from a few of the critics, below.

Mick LaSalle at the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it a decent 75 score, stating: “Horrible Bosses 2 is harsh and tasteless, not to mention broad and shameless, but that’s not a bad thing in this case. Softness and good taste, as well as restraint and carefulness, are the enemies of comedy, and “Horrible Bosses 2” is a very funny movie.”

Chris Nashawaty from Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 67, saying: ” It’s the small, tossed-off moments — Bateman’s deadpan mugging, Day’s frenzied cluelessness, and Sudeikis’ smarmy one-liners — that land the best.”

Tom Russo over at the Boston Globe, gave it a 63 grade. He stated: ” A new misadventure whose negligibly refined formula somehow ends up being more consistently entertaining.”

Joe Neumaier from the New York Daily News, gave it a 60 score. He said: “So the big surprise of Horrible Bosses 2 is how far it gets on the hopped-up jabberjaw alliance of Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. In the 2011 “Bosses,” they were swamped by the conceit: White-collar pals try to kill awful employers. Now, freed up to free-associate, they’re totally winning.”

Brian Tallerico at RogerEbert.com, gave it a 50 grade, stating: ” Morris & Anders, who also directed, literally repeat many of the same set-ups and punchlines from the original “Bosses,” only more crassly this time and with more discussion of bodily fluids. And nothing is quite as cinematically desperate as someone telling you a joke you’ve already heard only louder.”

Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 50 score, saying: ” Make no mistake, despite some well-earned laughs, “Horrible Bosses 2” is not what qualifies as a good movie or even a particularly good R-rated comedy. But there is more to laugh at in “2” than the first, so let’s go with less horrible, shall we?”

Justin Lowe from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 50 score, saying: “Anders’ well-attuned comic sensibility makes for moments of hilarity in some of the more originally conceived scenes, but bogs down in predictability with reliance on too many stock situations that absorb the bulk of the running time.”

Justin Chang over at Variety , gave it a 40, claiming: ” This inane and incredibly tasteless sequel qualifies as an excuse to bring back those hard-working funnymen Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis for another round of amateur-criminal hijinks and semi-improvised vulgarity, jabbing away repeatedly at some elusive comic sweet spot where blatant nastiness and egregious stupidity collide — and very occasionally hitting the mark.”

Richard Roeper from the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a 38 grade, saying: “Every once in a while there’s an inspired montage, or a one-liner that made me laugh out loud. But how can you have the great Christoph Waltz playing a villain in a comedy, and you get almost nothing out of it?”

Kyle Smith at the New York Post, gave it a very bad 25 grade, saying: “The three friends do things that venture beyond entertainingly dumb and into exasperatingly unbelievable.”

Claudia Puig from USA Today, gave it another bad 25 score. She said: “This ill-conceived sequel to 2011’s entertaining Horrible Bosses is base, moronic, insulting and vulgar. It’s also cringingly unfunny.”

Dan Callahan at TheWrap, gave it a 20 score, saying: “A movie called Horrible Bosses, or even a movie called Horrible Bosses 2, should essentially write itself. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the creators of these two movies wanted their cast to do, and the result is puerile, ugly and painfully unfunny.”

Lastly, Stephen Holden from The New York Times, gave it an extremely bad 10 grade, claiming: “What Horrible Bosses 2 lacks in nasty repartee, it tries to make up for in poorly staged comedy chases and break-ins. It is the Hollywood equivalent of a rambunctious little boy pointing to the toilet and squealing, “Mommy, look what I made!” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Google Plus by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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