New Iron Man 3 movie spoilers reveal Tony Stark mental issues,Mandarin violence & more. According to Collider, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige,chatted it up with Empire Magazine,and dropped a few,new spoiler teasers for the upcoming “Iron Man 3.” It turns out that Tony might have a few mental hurdles to get past,and more.

First, Kevin revealed that Tony Stark is going to be sorta messed up in the head over what went down in Avengers,stating, “by the end of Avengers, when a portal is opened up in Manhattan and he’s met Thor and The Hulk and the Chitauri are coming down on him. He realizes that he doesn’t know everything. We think that has had an effect on his psyche, and then his world is blown out from underneath him.”

Next, Kevin revealed that the 3rd installment will not feature any cameos from other heroes,stating, “Iron Man 3 doesn’t feature any of the other Avengers, or Nick Fury showing up, or any of those world-blending conceits that the Phase One films had.

You have to keep in mind that Iron Man 3 had been in the works for almost a year, year and a half before The Avengers was released. We’re sticking to the vision for these films, and showing once again that these characters are just as interesting alone as they are together.”

After that, Kevin talked about the dangerous Mandarin villain,stating, “He’s relentless. Assuming that he’s the one responsible for what happens to Tony’s house, no other villain has been able to strike that fast and that hard at one of our heroes. He’s very much about believing that the world needs to learn, and he wants to bend the world to his vision.”

From there, he went on to chat about the Red,White,and blue Iron suit by saying, “It’s meant to be. With Rhodey, he’s very much the foil to Tony’s eccentricities, and in this one you get to see this and be reminded of the trust and friendship between them in that great Shane Black buddy-cop fashion.” Iron Man 3 is set to hit theaters on May 3rd,2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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