M. Night Shyamalan‘s upcoming action movie The Last Airbender hit with a new trailer this weekend in Japan. We have been tossing a lot of information at you about The Last Airbender, lately, but that’s because it looks ridiculously awesome even if it is one of the movies being released in 3D unnecessarily.

Last Airbender
Noah Ringer as Aang (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

So I know we’ve been rambling your face off about The Last Airbender, from trailers to posters to TV Spots, but this one is our favorite! We promise!

The new trailer is a Japanese trailer, and while a lot of it is similar to what we have already seen, this gives us the chance to see a little bit more of Noah Ringer as Aang, doing some sweet-ass action moves. I am so not into action. Or anime type stuff. Or even really a lot of sci-fi. But this movie looks so cool that I can hardly stand it. Check out the Japanese trailer after the jump and tell me you don’t agree with me – I dare you. The Last Airbender hits theatres July 2nd and stars Dev Patel and Jackson Rathbone.

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