New Lucifer season 2 first spoiler trailer clip released. The cast of FOX’s new hit show, “Lucifer,”¬†showed up at the big 2016 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA this weekend to deliver their Q&A panel session. While there, they brought along a new trailer/spoiler clip (below) for their new season 2, and it looks quite serious, action-filled and dramatic as Lucifer is spotted in some heavy danger.

Maz is seen battling it out in new action fight scenes. Lucifer and Amenadiel try to figure out how mum is out on the loose from Hell, and more!

In the new clip, Lucifer is spotted, revealing that “mum” has indeed escaped hell and is causing all kinds wicked trouble. Lucifer is seen, getting all caught up in some heavy violent scenes. Lucifer meets a new chick on the scene that greets him with a huge hug. Maz is spotted kicking some more butt in a couple of action scenes.

Some very serious conversations are spotted going down between Lucifer and Amenadiel as they try to figure out how in the Hell (pun intended) “mum” escaped Hell. The clip caps off with Lucifer coming face to face with mum, and he looks scared shitless! Check it out,below.

Season 2 is due to start up on Monday night, September 19th at 8pm central time On FOX. Stay tuned.

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