New Miley Cyrus shocking sex doll revealed with crazy photo. Recently, Hollywood Life revealed this new sex doll company ,released a Justin Bieber sex doll. Now, they’ve also revealed that the same company has put out a Miley Cyrus sex doll. The box photo is freaking hilarious,because that blow up doll is definitely not going to look anything like the Miley look-alike chick on the box,and it also has some very naughty sayings on it. These people just don’t hold back,and have no shame, whatsoever.

I’m guessing they’ll sell a few of the Miley dolls, but I highly doubt any of those Bieber dolls will fly off the shelves because most women just don’t get down like that,and the target market for Justin is underaged teenage girls! It’s just insane.

On Justin’s box, they spelled his name as “Just-iN Beaver,” I’m guessing, to escape legal woes with then name. However, I think they’ll still be hearing from Justin’s legal team at some point. As for Miley,I can’t really say I’m sure she even cares. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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